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Cleared for publication: The food supplement that reduces blood sugar levels within 90 days!

July 30, 2019

The tablet that help people with diabetes: With 81% of people suffering from diabetes in England taking chemical pills to treat their condition daily, an Israeli doctor has come up with a genius treatment to reduce blood sugar levels naturally.


Now, after having successfully brought diabetes under control for hundreds of patients in Israel and abroad, he doesn’t shy away from talking about Ascarx, the natural supplement developed by Dr Fogel and the clinical study has shown it can reduce sugar and cholesterol levels within 90 days.


                        Dr. Fogel and the ‘AscaRx’


Dr. Dov Fogel, is a paediatrician and diabetes researcher whose nickname is the ‘Diabetes Saviour’ isn’t for nothing. He has a rich history of enviable success stories.


More than 3,000 cases make us all wonder how a person with diabetes who takes chemical pills for years and years can manage, within three months, to naturally reduce their blood sugar levels, and in many cases, to completely quit taking their regular medication.


When people hear the data, there’s one question that almost instinctively jumps to everyone’s mind…


Can I also recover from diabetes?


Dr. Fogel has a quiet and calming voice. Even though I tell him that I intend to quote him, he doesn’t hesitate from making the following statement:


‘Four out of five people with Type 2 diabetes will see a decrease in their blood sugar level within 90 days, thanks to Ascarx.’


‘Every person with diabetes who has sky-high sugar and who depends on medications (with chemical ingredients) can reduce their sugar naturally within a short period of time, and I stand behind that sentence 100%.’


Anyone who tries to dismiss Dr Fogel’s statements as quackery will have to face with the results of the clinical study that he carried out over the last 15 years and with quite a few facts that Fogel is quick to share to back up his position, with the most remarkable of them turning quite a few heads.


Over 3,000 patients have undergone the doctor’s treatment, but one story, which is almost tragic, proves that any person with diabetes can naturally reduce their blood sugar.


Giselle Tonic, a 57-year-old from London, suffered from high blood sugar levels that varied between 150–250mg for about 10 years.


‘I discovered that I had diabetes at the age of 47. The doctor gave me pills and told me to have my blood sugar checked once every six months.


But things deteriorated…


Giselle Tonic proves that any person with diabetes can naturally reduce their blood sugar.


After a year or two, my body got used to the pills, so the doctor changed the medication and so on… until about three years ago, when I had to start injecting insulin.’


‘I was treated with Glucophage, Gluben, and Avandia, and with 7 other types of insulin… Nothing balanced my levels like it was supposed to.’


When did things start getting worse?


‘The last two years. After seven years of treatment with pills and insulin, my body had stopped responding well to the chemical treatment. I felt that I was getting worse and worse from day to day, and worst of all … I couldn’t hold my little granddaughter in my arms because of the severe numbness I suffered from in my fingers.

The feeling was one of total despair.


And my salvation came from the most unexpected place in the world…


My sister-in-law, who also has Type 2 diabetes, saw how much I was suffering and needing help… She sent me to Ascarit. I didn’t believe in natural medicine, but after having been disappointed by conventional medicine, I decided to leave my doubts behind and give nature a chance.


Today, I no longer take chemical pills. My blood sugar balanced out at around 95–100mg, and the difficult side effects disappeared,’ Giselle said with a big smile.


Dr. Fogel’s patent: Morus Alba, Urtica, Taraxacum, Artemisia, cinnamomum, and Rosehips.



Dr. Fogel’s solution to the plight of people with diabetes is Ascarx, which for thousands of his patients is the dietary supplement that helped them to lower their blood sugar and to stop taking conventional medical treatment.


But—before we take a deep dive into the method—Dr. Fogel insists on the following warning:


‘You can not cut corners when taking my tablet. The instructions are precise: those who manage to regularly take the tablet thrice daily before meals can wake up to a world where they not only have a balanced blood sugar level but where they can almost completely reduce the medication they’re taking.


I’m not following … How exactly does your supplement help?


Ascarx replicates the effect of conventional medications but without the side effects.’




‘I have a fact that’s going to shock you.

About 80% of people with diabetes in the world don’t take medication to treat it, but rather use medicinal plants to treat the condition!


So, 14 years ago, I started researching those plants, and what I discovered completely stunned me … The plants have the same effect as the chemicals, only without the side effects.


And that’s not even the best part of the whole thing…


A decrease of 31% in sugar levels, 22% in A1C and 40% in triglyceride levels



My research proves that these tablets have an amazing effect on people with diabetes. They improve their entire lives: there’s a stunning improvement in vitality, less fatigue and getting up for the toilet in the middle of the night, people suddenly see better and don’t suffer from constipation. And the cherry on top… their sex life becomes wonderful.’


Getting down to brass tacks… how long will it take before I start seeing results?


‘Within three months. You start seeing your blood sugar begins to decrease, and with that, you start to feel like a new person.’


Any final thoughts?


‘Yes. I call on all people with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes (blood sugar levels above 100mg) to make sure to take Ascarx and not to let “the silent killer” destroy your body.


And don’t forget to say that the medical team and I are available by phone, free of charge, for any patient until they attain the required results.”


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